The Journey Begins

New Religious Blog


With all things considered lately, I have decided to move on and upgrade to a new blog experience. My old blog Beloved in Light pretty much ran its course for me, especially as I focused more on writing my booklets. As my focus has shifted over the past year more to the Aiser of the Rasne, it seemed appropriate to pick up with that. That doesn’t mean I won’t include Hellenic and Roman things from time to time.

The biggest prop for the change of blogs is that my blog was reported as Spam on FB despite the fact it was only shared on a group page made for sharing it and other blogs of ladies devoted to Apollo in his many forms and manifestations. It is unfortunate but it does give me the opportunity to start over ya know.

While Apulu (Apollon for Hellenics) is still a major focus in my worship for obvious reasons, this blog is more for the gods as a whole ideally šŸ™‚

So welcome to my new spot!

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